Monday, July 19, 2010

Check Out IFF's New EU Natural Flavors for Beef and Chicken!

Over the past couple of  years, the global chef team have been working hard to develop gold standard preparations, notably for beef and chicken, against which our flavorist can benchmark to ensure that their flavors hit the very highest standards possible.  And because there is no "one size fits all" in the area of flavors, we created gold standards for several regionalized favorites.  The delicious, authentic, natural flavors that resulted from the fantastic teamwork here were remarkable.

Next January, new regulations in the EU are changing the way the food industry can label their products.  Flavors that were previously cited as "natural" may not necessarily remain considered so after the legislation takes effect.

In order to help our customers be compliant with the new legislation and continue to deliver natural flavors to consumers, a new portfolio of chicken and beef flavors, specifically for the EU, have been released

We are proud of IFF's dedication to supplying fantastic, culinary-driven natural flavors and of our role in creating them!